woensdag 30 september 2009

dinsdag 29 september 2009

woensdag 23 september 2009

how come sea cows don’t go moooooooo?

We started a blog by posting one message..and then we forgot about it. Yes we are young and busy. Studying about art and live, writing music and above all perform. The time is running away. But we manage to keep writing. We wrote a really nice song. Its a story by Julien and a lovely mini keyboard solo by me. i hope we will record it soon.

I just turned 21 and still feel like i'm 18. Maybe i feel more 18 than when i actually was 18. I hope i feel like this forever, grown up, an adult, but not so much an adult that you have to take responsibility. We just do what we do, if you like it i'm glad. And if you don't, its ok.

Good things about time ticking away is that you learn who your true friends are. I'm talking about people who want to put some effort in your friendship, even its only once a year. Effort and above all respect. I have friends who don't like our music, and they tell it to me in private. Thats one of the nicest thing you can to. Respect and honesty. Altough i'm quiet happy that most people i love actually do like our music haha.

I have to go to my class again. I'm making this exhibition..
Its all nice, studying to become a curator or whatever it will be. Still i cannot wait till next year, when i've finished my studies and wont do a single thing with it (yet). Next year..when i've got time for music and music only.

So for now, this is what is left: I Wonder Why…Riming poem by Brandon Ratcliff (yes i stole it from miranda july)

I wonder why clocks go tick?
And why minutes are so quick?
What makes the hands on it move?
And why does it have a tick tock groove?
I wonder why the sea is blue?

And how come sea cows don’t go moooooooo?
The animals down there are so cool
I wish I had them in my pool.
I wonder why people cut down our pretty trees?

And why my mom makes me eat yucky peas!
You know these are really mean things to do.
I wish Scooby Doo could give me a tricky clue.
I wonder why the night sky is so bright with stars?

And do aleins really live on the planet Mars?
I want to discover this so bad it makes me want to cry!
All these things and a hole lot more make my brain say
I wonder why?