zondag 1 november 2009

the adams family

Last night we played at MediaMatic at the opening of the Amsterdam pavilion of the Amsterdam Biennale 2009. The Amsterdam Biennale 2009 presents the underground art scene from all over the world. More than thirty international curators from the Mediamatic network provide their view of contemporary art in their city.

The Biennale is an exhibition in progress. New pavilions will be built every week. And with this weeks Amsterdam pavilion opening they needed an amsterdam based band; so we played!

The Amsterdam pavilion was designed by Aynouk Tan. She is this fashionista/it-girl from Amsterdam and designed a parfum called 'anus'. Everyone dressed up, it was one big hip happening.

The best thing was that the parfume did not really excist (it was all about the anus odeur) and the line outside was huge while there was nobody inside. it was all one big joke about the so called fashionworld here in Holland.

We did have a good time there, but the night was about halloween ofcourse. Afterwards we dressed up (in another way, although a lot of people at the fashion party were perfect for halloween. and i mean this in a good way). We went to this squattersparty. There was a huge fire in their backyard where we drank 1 euro beer.

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